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ETX Capital UK Broker Staff Dinner Party

I love my job as a graphic designer for the online casino industry, but it was getting time for me to expand my skills in other fields as well. A Dutch casino website that I recently collaborated with, introduced me to an ETX capital UK broker and the owner of  website that helps to find top online gambling sites. This broker operates in the online trading industry and was looking for a freelance graphic designer regarding the development of a new project within the company. Soon after the introduction I started working on their new brand identity, which was a great assignment to begin with. Around that time, the ETX Capital UK broker celebrated their anniversary and invited me to join their corporate event. For this particular anniversary the company organized a dinner party at a fancy restaurant in Toronto. I was so excited to join this party and just couldn’t wait to see the menu. The dinner party took place in the beautiful Japanese restaurant Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hasimoto. The dinner menu featured an eight course omakase menu, which I was really curious about. I love Japanese food, so when the company suggested this particular restaurant I was so excited to finally experience this cuisine. I’m such a big fan of Japanese food because the variety of healthy dishes and meals. I’ve once cooked some Japanese dishes myself, but that was pretty challenging. I was really curious about the unforgettable and authentic Japanese kaiseki experience, since it sounded so promising. The word Kaiseki is used to refer to the zen priest who tucked hot stones in towels into their kimonos. With this historical fact in mind, I just couldn’t wait to finally visit this restaurant for the very first time. From the outside, the restaurant doesn’t look so fancy as I thought it would be. The restaurant was actually a bit hidden, so it took awhile for me to actually find the place. While entering the restaurant, I immediately felt the luxurious atmosphere. The total amount of 20 ETX Capital UK broker employers were all seated in the beautiful restaurant. As I mentioned in this article before, I just couldn’t wait to read the menu. The surprising part was that Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hasimoto didn’t had any menu! The chef decided our courses, which was very exciting for us. With every dish, the restaurant owner explained to us what each dish was and what kind of ingredients were used while preparing the dish. The food was just amazing, the atmosphere was out of this world and the interior looked stunning. The dinner party of the ETX Capital UK broker was a great success and it really got me inspired to try some Japanese dishes at home. Soon I will host my own Japanese dinner party for my friends, including sake drinks. Normally one of the features of my dinner parties is beer, but for this party I will make an exception. I’m looking forward to sharing my Japanese party with all of my readers. I may also share some top secret ingredients that i’ve tried at the famous restaurant.